UGG brand flagship store in the SOHO business district of New York

At first glance, UGG boots are not pretty, even rough.

This loose and sturdy boots, hurriedly put on, makes people look like a lazy. Therefore, the ridicule of this brand has never stopped.

In 2003, the British “Independent Package” said: “UGG boots are not sexy, unless you are a big lady, carrying a lonely mission, wearing Vietnamese poles to find Mr. Bigfoot.” Put on these boots, it is like a square The scary shoe box that covers your feet. “After 2015, a coffee shop in London was also banned from wearing UGGs because the owner thought the boots were “slag shoes.”

But like the shoes that are not so good-looking and popular in history, UGG has not disappeared. The mothers who go out to work wear it, the young girls at the rock festival wear it, and the children in primary and secondary schools wear it.

Many celebrities are also UGG fans, including Charlize Theron (actor, model), Hugh Jackman (actor), Rihanna (female singer, actor, model), all wearing UGG boots in public. For them, this is a timeless item. UGG has sold so many products (mainly shoes and boots, as well as clothing and household items), so that on average, there are 3.7 pairs of American women, 3.0 pairs of British women, and 2.1 pairs of Japanese women. It does not include the 2.5 million double cottage UGG boots that were detained after 2007.

The average price of $150 per pair of boots is not cheap, but it does not exceed the average person’s tolerance. According to UGG brand owner Dexter (headquartered in California, USA), UGG revenue increased 12.6% year-on-year to $1.49 billion.

UGG brand flagship store in the SOHO business district of New York, most of the customers are tourists from Asia, in their eyes, UGG represents the Western way of life. In Honolulu, Hawaii, Japanese and Chinese consumers are pouring into the UGG store, which is also the highest-selling UGG store in the world.

The sheepskin used to make UGG BOOTS has incredible softness

As the saying goes, as the Romans do, wearing UGG has become a fashion in Australia and a native culture of Australia, and it has become an indispensable artifact for many friends. However, for UGG, you may only know that it is a trademark brand, but it is not. First understand the UGG past and present!


The origin of 1UGG

UGG refers to the Australian sheepskin boots. It originated in the 19th century, but it has become popular among shearers since 1910. The shearers took a small piece of sheepskin from the sheep and used it to cover their feet. They called this Kinds of shoes are ugly boots. In the past, Australian proverbs referred to SHEARERS’ UGLY BOOTS as UGG BOOTS.
UGG BOOTS is blushing around the world because it gives the foot an amazing level of comfort. The sheepskin used to make UGG BOOTS has incredible softness to ensure the comfort and warmth of the boots. UGG BOOTS is worn on the feet and feels more like a sock than a shoe, yet it is enough to cope with the need for outdoor wear. The unique density and softness of Australian wool allows UGG BOOTS to support each person’s different foot contours for maximum comfort.

UGG’s production brands are also emerging, and each family wants to share a piece of the market. After several years of explosive growth, there are many popular UGG brands in the Australian market, and the models are changing with each passing day, giving consumers more choices.

It is worth noting that SUTTONSUGG has sprung up among numerous UGG brands and has become a symbol of Australia’s high-end snow boots brand. SUTTONSUGG insists on using 100% Australian currency sheepskin as the raw material, not only the sole of the shoe, but also the fourth generation of the second MD. Moreover, it provides consumers with “One Year in Australia and 30 Days in the World” service, which has won the recognition of the quality and service of SUTTONSUGG products by consumers all over the world. In 2015, SUTONSUGG uses the innovative 3D three-dimensional washing denim process to integrate the denim elements into UGG products, breaking through the cumbersome, stout and innovative new snow boots concept of traditional snow boots. Whether it’s the best-selling Moccasin or the new COWBOY cowboy boots, consumers are impressed.